Allan Greenberg Architect, LLC was established in 1972 and has offices in New York, New York and Alexandria, Virginia. The firm has an international reputation for combining contemporary construction techniques with the best architectural traditions to create solutions that are both timeless and technologically progressive.  Projects include master plans, feasibility studies, new construction, renovations, restorations, and interior and furniture design for academic, institutional, religious, commercial, residential, and retail clients. Completed projects are found throughout the United States, as well as in Europe and the Middle East. One-quarter of the staff has been with the firm for over 20 years and an additional one-half for more than ten. The firm includes 8 registered architects, two LEED-credentialed professionals, and a credentialed preservationist and architectural historian. Longstanding relationships with premier consultants allow the firm to address a broad array of design challenges.


Drum Scan (Biondo) of Transparency (Buchman)




Weatherstone - Breakfast Room

Client Service

Our reputation for excellence is based on outstanding service and quality control. Each project involves unique challenges, and we receive the highest accolades from clients, consultants, users, and contractors. We provide clients with leadership and unsurpassed service that begins with studies of site, budget, legal restrictions, and program and continues through the project to post-occupancy services. We regard each client as a valuable collaborator throughout the design process, and the comprehensive, well-documented information we provide allows the client to make educated decisions over the course of the project.

Early Identification of Programmatic Needs

The best buildings begin with a dialogue between architect, client, and consultants. Identifying and understanding key issues are essential to developing successful long-term solutions. The client’s needs are assigned the highest priority. To initiate the building process, the team and client meet to develop programming and timelines, evaluate site, environmental, and life cycle issues, and discuss budget and design character.

Establishing the Architectural Language and Material Standards

During the project’s early stages, the architectural character and primary building materials are established. Designing within a broadly expressive range, we create buildings that solve hierarchical problems and recognize the client’s needs. Many projects are located in historic settings and our buildings enhance existing architectural traditions while retaining their own character and beauty over time. We constantly search for the best materials and methods to realize our projects and evaluate alternative designs to ensure that we have the best solutions.

Architectural Integration and Building Systems

Our buildings are technologically advanced, soundly constructed, and seamlessly integrated with today’s complex and sophisticated infrastructures. Constant coordination between designers, engineers, consultants, and other involved parties ensures that the owner’s needs are being met throughout the project. Our leadership and attention to detail is reflected first in the design process, then in the drawings and specifications, and throughout the construction period.